Did you know that 78% of consumers buy clothes online?

And it is that, with the arrival of the digital age and the rise of Fast Fashion, the Online fashion sector has been gaining popularity.

As of today, the fashion, footwear and beauty categories are among the Top 5 Ecommerce products with the most sales.

Exactly in 2022, the Online Spanish fashion industry entered approximately 4,700 million dollars worldwide. And it is expected that in 2027 it will reach 9,690 million dollars.

Even so, as you already know, fashion is part of a sector with a lot of competition. Therefore, standing out above it and increasing sales is not an easy task.

However, there are a lot of actions you can do to increase the sales of your online clothing store.

For this reason, today we have made a compilation with the best tricks to make your clothing brand a success. Don’t miss them!


52 tricks for your online clothing store to sell more

There are many actions you can do to sell more clothes online. Therefore, we have prepared this Checklist so that you do not leave any action undone. Take notes!


Actions you can do on your website:

1. Optimize for SEO

If you want to position yourself in the first results of search engines like Google, it is important that you work on the SEO of your website.

2. Choose the right keywords and boost them

It is essential that you carry out a study of keywords and once you have them, work to promote them in all your digital channels.

Keep in mind that this step is basic to get positioned in search engines like Google.

3. Use good CTAs

A good CTA should be short, eye-catching, and creative. Keep in mind that you have to encourage the user to click. You can help yourself with neuromarketing tricks to create them.

4. Use Lead Magnets

You can use Lead Magnets on the Web. That is, free content for users to leave their data and become part of your database.

If you don’t know where to start, here are a few Lead Magnet ideas you can use.

5. Improve the design

Think of a web design that is current and beautiful but at the same time simple, organized and intuitive. Get inspired by this year’s design trends.

6. Make sure the design is Responsive

The 3 allies of a good web page are accessibility, usability and a Responsive design. Remember, mobile first!

7. Group products by Target

You can group your products by categories and Target to facilitate the shopping experience for your customers.

8. Create packs or Bundles of various products

You can create Packs or Bundles with some of your products. Even offer them for a cheaper price than purchasing them individually. This will encourage the user to buy.

9. Use quality images

Make sure that the images you upload of your products are optimized and of high quality. You can use these tips to get more attractive product photos.

10. Add a description to your products

Do not forget to put a short but detailed description of all products. This way the client will be able to know more information about the garments he is looking at.

11. Show videos of your products

If you can, upload short and dynamic videos of the products in your online clothing store so that users can see them better.

12. Offer multiple payment options

Today, it is essential that you offer different payment options: card, paypal, Bizum…

13. Give the possibility of financing purchases

Another basic today is the possibility of financing purchases. In this way, the client will be able to pay your product directly in installments without leaving your website.

14. Offer several shipping options

The same happens with shipping, you must offer different possibilities of shipping to the customer. The faster you can send it, the better!

15. Offer a flexible product return policy

Currently, it is important that you offer customers the possibility of returning products. And also that the return policy is as flexible as possible.

For example, home collection, collection points, etc…

16. Optimize security

Have a well-explained privacy and cookie policy on your website. Clear things keep customers.

17. Delight with customer service

Deliver customer service that exceeds your audience’s expectations and creates a positive experience. This way they will not only buy from you, but they will also recommend you.

18. Use Chatbots

Chatbots can be the great allies of your company’s Online sales. You can use them to resolve doubts or questions from your customers, recommend products, advice on sizes… Even to sell directly.

19. Create quality content for your Blog

Make sure that both the blog and all the content on your website add value to your customers.

For example, you can talk about the trends of each season, ideal dresses for events, outfit ideas…

20. Create a webApp

You can also create a Web app for your brand.

Web Apps have several advantages: they work on all devices, their developments are cheaper, you save time and space.

21. Create a contest

On the same website you can also create contests to build a community and get user-generated content.

For example, that users upload a photo with a complete Look with clothes from your brand and the best Outfit that wins a voucher for their next purchase.

22. Offer discounts and promotions

It offers exclusive discounts to web visitors and customers. This makes it easier for them to complete their purchase.

For example, now that summer is here, you can create a discount code for this month.

23. Get ratings on your website

Users value positively the reviews of other customers who have already made a purchase before. Therefore, you can ask your customers to rate their shopping experience.



In addition, you can do actions by Email Marketing to sell more:

24. Segment your database

Every Email Marketing campaign must be perfectly segmented and optimized to be successful.

25. Personalize and automate messages for each user

Today, there are several Marketing Automation tools with which you can customize and automate all communications with your customers. You will be amazed at how they can boost sales!

26. Send welcome emails

Take advantage of new subscribers to welcome them via email in order to maintain a long-term relationship with them.

27. Present trends in emails

You can also take advantage of current trends to communicate and stay close to your customers.

28. Cross-sell

Email Marketing is also an opportunity to cross-sell.

For example, if the customer has bought some sneakers, they may also need some socks. Recommend them!

29. Offer discounts and exclusive offers

In addition, you can offer discounts and exclusive offers only to those users who are part of your database. Thus, encourage customers to want to leave their data on your website.

30. Create an Email Marketing campaign for abandoned carts

Finally, you can also create an Email Marketing campaign for abandoned carts.

So when a customer has a garment in their basket but does not make the purchase, you can send them a reminder Email after a few hours or days.

For example, “Maria, our Wide Leg jeans are waiting for you.”



And of course, there are actions that you can do on social networks to sell more from your Online store:

31. Optimize your social media SEO

It is not only important that you take care of the SEO of your website, it is also essential that you work on Social SEO. Keep in mind that search engines like Google are giving more and more importance to activity on social networks.

32. Upload quality content to social networks

It is essential that the content you publish on social networks is of quality and of interest to your followers.

33. Create creative Copy’s

It is important that your Copy’s are creative and attract the attention of users. In addition, they must be related to the visual image that you publish.

34. Post often

Also, if you want to create a faithful community you must be active on your social networks and post frequently.

35. Use the appropriate time

The appropriate hours will vary depending on the social network and your target. Figure it out and use it strategically!

For example, on Instagram it is usually between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. when young people and adults have already left the universities or work.

36. Listen to your audience

To listen to your audience, you can use some techniques such as Social Listening. Listening to what they want will help you create strategies to sell more.

37. Give feedback to your followers

Social networks are a good platform to give feedback to your community. And thus, earn the trust of your customers. ¡Turn messages into conversations with your followers!

38. Ask for opinion and advice

You can also ask your followers for opinion and advice. They will love to comment and you will be able to learn what they like.

For example, what would you pair this shirt with? Do you prefer a swimsuit or a bikini?

39. Upload Reels with Looks and Trends

If you want to stay up to date, take advantage of the Reels to publish visual content of your best clothing items and accessories. That will help you sell the Looks.

40. Label the products

Social networks such as Instagram allow products to be linked directly to the web. Take advantage of this opportunity!

41. Upload Stories with links

To gain visibility and reach, you can also upload Stories on Instagram and Facebook with the most demanded products and put the direct link to buy it on the web. Even Shorts on Youtube.

42. Create a Hashtag

You can also create a challenge on social networks, under a Hashtag, and view it on those platforms that you are interested in being present. You will make a community and you will be able to enrich the Hashtag by showing your content and products.

43. Join Tik Tok Trends

Many Trends like dances or challenges go viral on Tik Tok, so don’t hesitate to join or even create your own Trend to get more brand visibility!

44. Find inspiration and inspire your customers on Pinterest

Pinterest is an essential platform for customers looking for inspiration. Customers are looking for everything about fashion and beauty. Use it!

For example, trends, Outfits, jewelry, bags, etc…

45. Create contests or giveaways

In social networks you can also create contests or giveaways to gain community and Engagement. They work great!

46. Make User Generated Content

User Generated Content will help users to upload content with products from your clothing brand. So you will generate content and gain Engagement organically and with little effort and you will sell more.



Finally, you can also use different advertising techniques and actions to sell more:

47. Merchandising

In the fashion sector, the visual impact of a product is key to attracting the customer. So it is essential that you work on the Visual Merchandising of your Online clothing store.

48. Marketplace

Marketplaces are a great showcase for Online stores. ¡Use them!

So you can join or create your own Marketplace to display your products. ¡Try it!

49. SEM strategy

You can also create paid ads on search engines like Google to get direct sales.

For example, a Google Shopping campaign, display or video advertising…

50. Social Media Advertising Campaigns

In specific seasons you can also pay for an Ads campaign on social networks. It will help you sell more!

For example, when launching a new collection or on important dates like Christmas.

51. Collaborate with influencers or other brands

If you want your brand and products to gain visibility, a good strategy is to collaborate with influencers in order to reach your audience more easily. It will also help you sell your products much faster!

52. Create a Podcast

You can also create a Podcast or Video Podcast with a theme that represents you. You can even collaborate with influencers.

Brands like Nude Project have gone viral with this strategy. Would you like to try it?




As you can see, here you have a lot of actions, and surely there are some more, that will help you increase the sales of your Online clothing brand.

And remember, do you need help with any of them? Contact us! We will love to help you with everything you need.


Sources: Statista, Marke Pymes, Dina Hosting.


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