On many occasions, influencer marketing is associated with mentioning a brand in Stories or recommending a product that the influencer has not even tried.

However, influencer marketing has also left us iconic campaigns that have managed to make us smile more thanks to their originality and creativity.

And it is that both concepts are key for an influencer marketing campaign to be successful. Keep in mind that only in this way will you be able to connect with your audience and that your brand will be remembered.

For this reason, it is so important that you are clear about the objectives of your company, that you have those influencers who share 100% the same values as your brand and that you have a very creative strategy that is capable of going viral.

So today we want to show you campaigns with influencers who did know how to connect and conquer their audience with authentic and original campaigns.

The 7 most creative campaigns with influencers

1. Periferic Festival

Periferic is a music festival that will celebrate its first edition at the Castell de Castelldefels on July 15th, 2023. Well-known singers such as Alfred García, Pol 3.14 or Besmaya will attend the festival.

Therefore, such an event needs a lot of promotion. And more the first edition.

But the organizers have used influencer marketing to get closer to their audience in a very creative and fun way.

For the campaign they have had Jennifer Alcoholado, a Tik Toker that makes jokes and humor content.

For the occasion, the Tik Toker prepared a joke in the street in which it made a lady believe that she was asking her what plans she had for the festival on July 15, but she was really talking to another person on her mobile. A joke that the woman took with great humor!

The publications add up to more than 600,000 views between Instagram and Tik Tok. And we hope the festival is a success!


THE ARE is the youth fashion brand that has become fashionable among generation Z thanks to the youngest influencers on social networks. In part, their success has been thanks to their fantastic unique event Looks. For example, graduations. Come spring, many young girls finishing high school or college are looking for the perfect outfit to shine at their graduation. This time, the brand collaborated with Lucía de Luis, a renowned 18-year-old influencer and Tik Toker who just this year had her high school graduation. Taking advantage of the occasion, it was Lucía herself who, together with the brand, designed and created her own outfit. She had the idea and the brand made it happen!










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The entire process and result was published on Tik Tok and Instagram, achieving more than 1,000,000 views. Weeks later, due to customer requests, the design was put up for sale in limited editions.

3. María Pombo X Neo Nails

The verdict of María Pombo’s father on her nails has gone from being a one-off anecdote to being a whole ritual for her followers. For this reason, “What are the papines thinking about?” is the name of the limited collection based on the comments made by the influencer’s father about the colors of his nails. The father refers to the nails with comments such as “pool slide color” “chewed gum” “what a color!” And it is that the father of María Pombo prefers something more discreet, like a french manicure.

A very fun and summery campaign that has conquered the followers of the influencer. And not just his followers! Many well-known influencers have also wanted to react to this original collaboration. The campaign has almost 3 million views on María Pombo’s profile and more than 200,000 views on YouTube on the Neo Nails channel. In addition, on its website and in Druni stores, you can buy the Manicure Set created by the influencer.

4. Lactoflora

The probiotic brand, Lactoflora, has been working with influencer marketing for years. He has done all kinds of campaigns, but this is one of our favorites because of his great creativity:campaigns-influencers-creatives1 For this campaign, Lactoflora relied on Diet influencers to prepare an original and different recipe introducing the brand’s products. The influencers took all their creativity to prepare delicious breakfasts, such as blueberry ice cream or a bowl of yogurt with fruit and oatmeal. All this together with Lactoflora probiotics! A clear example that with a low budget, but with a lot of creativity and originality, you can also create successful campaigns with influencers. And although we did not try the result, the pint is exquisite. With what recipe would you have introduced the product?

5. Fiji Water

Fiji Water is an American bottled water company from the Fiji Islands. The brand became known for being celebrity water. Madonna, Halle Berry, Brad Pitt or Nicole Kidman acknowledged not drinking other water. But Fiji wanted to go further. So he collaborated with well-known influencers in the United States such as blogger Danielle Bernstein from WeWoreWhat and coach Eric Johnson to enter the world of sports. The collaboration consisted of a monthly Pack with 8-minute recordings with different training sessions. The videos invited, in a creative and fun way, to get a tight ass, a sexy back, catwalk legs or even strong arms wrestling with your dog. Quite a motivation!








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The objective was to get closer to a more Fitness audience and stress the importance of staying hydrated during exercise.


6. Casper

Casper is a mattress company that became famous in the United States.

The company prepared a Pet Marketing campaign to promote its new product, a pet bed.

For the promotion, the brand prepared an event in which it invited 20 influencers to a launch party in Manhattan. The event featured a green carpet “pupperazi”, a steak dinner and hot dog-infused water.

The Dodo, an online outlet “for animal people,” livestreamed the party on Facebook.

The company managed to make from $0 to $750 million in just 4 years. A clear example of success!


7. Spotify

In 2014, when Spotify was not yet as popular as it is today, it launched the #thatsongwhen influencer campaign with the aim of increasing subscribers and improving brand image.

The platform knew how to harness the power of influencers to pay tribute to music. Spotify featured Vincent Markus and AlliCattt, both creators of Vine content, the trending social network at the time.

In addition, he encouraged all users through the hashtag #thatsongwhen to publish and share the songs that would have had the greatest influence on their lives.


A very original campaign but above all very human, since Spotify for the campaign preferred to have influencers and the users themselves, instead of music stars.

Today there are still Playlists on Spotify with the name #thatsongwhen created by users who share those songs that remind them of a moment in their life. And you, what song would you put on the playlist?


This is our compilation of the most creative campaigns with influencers in recent years. But surely there are many more. Did you know these campaigns? Which is your favorite?

And if you are thinking of creating your own campaign with influencers, do not hesitate to contact us! And we will help you make it a success.

Sources: Travel Mind Set, Antevenio


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