Did you know that 38% of companies will implement a Chatbot before 2025?

There are already many companies that are already using Chatbots on their Web pages. A trend that will not stop growing in the coming years. And it is that Chatbots can be adapted to any company, whatever the sector!

In addition, a virtual chat will help you maintain instant and direct communication with your potential customers, it will improve the user experience and among many other benefits. Do you want to know what its advantages are? We will explain them to you! But before…

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is a technology, based on Artificial Intelligence, capable of simulating a human conversation on any specific topic and on almost any digital platform.

Chatbots can be applied to Web pages, Apps, social networks such as Whatsapp or Facebook, etc…

This technology uses machine learning and is intended to improve business communications with customers, among other things.

In fact, 73% of users confirm that they are more satisfied with communications via web chat than via email or telephone.

But not only that, a Chatbot offers many more benefits for companies!

What are the benefits of a Chatbot?

Thanks to a Chatbot you will be able to:

  • Serve your customers immediately, personalized and automatically.
  • Have simultaneous conversations.
  • Establish emotional bonds with your potential customers.
  • Improve the online reputation of your company.
  • Increase sales directly and indirectly.
  • Build loyalty with your customers.
  • Improve the user experience (UX).
  • Increase the conversion rate.
  • Collect valuable information from your customers.

In addition, as it is a very new technology, it still has a wide range of powerful possibilities yet to be discovered.

For this reason, today we want to show you the best ways to make the chat on your website profitable so that you can get the most out of this versatile tool. It sure inspires you!

12 ways to monetize the chat on your website

Discover everything you can achieve by strategically integrating a professional Chat on your website. Take notes!

1. Offer real-time assistance

One of the great advantages of Chatbots is that they are capable of offering assistance for as long as the user is on the website.

So it is an opportunity to keep in touch with the client from the moment they arrive on our website until they leave.

For example:

  • With a welcome message like “Hi, I’m Maria, how can I help you?”
  • During the purchase process with messages such as “Do you have questions about this product” or “Do you need help with your size?
  • At the farewell: “Goodbye, it has been a pleasure to help you, I hope to see you again!”

In this way, you reinforce the message that your brand is always there to help and improve brand positioning.


2. Recommend products or services

A Web Chat can be useful to help you recommend products or services to your customers in a personalized and automated way.

Keep in mind that the more information you have about your customers and the more you know about them, the more you can personalize your recommendations.

For example, if you sell cars and you know that your client is a 25-year-old man without a partner or children, you can use a Chatbot to suggest those car models that may interest him or that best suit his needs.

This will make it easier for the content to interest you and, finally, end up buying.


3. Resolve doubts or queries

As we have mentioned, a Chatbot is capable of solving practically any doubt or query that users have. And most importantly… with hardly any effort and immediately!

For this reason, there are several companies that already have a Chat on their website to resolve doubts and queries from their clients.

For example, you can answer basic questions about the product like “How can I make a return?” or “is the product waterproof?”

This way you will improve the relationship with your customers, generating trust and increasing sales.


4. Advise in a personalized way

You can also use the Chat on your website to offer personalized advice to your clients in different fields.

A Chatbot can be useful for:

  • Financial advice: manage payments, do procedures…
  • Medical advice: offer information about symptoms, give health advice…
  • Legal advice: make inquiries about procedures or demands, consult lawyers…
  • Nutritional advice: inform about diet plans, healthy eating, etc…

For example: Personalized advice to care for skin with acne

In short, a Chatbot is capable of advising the user on any product or service, the important thing is that you practice this technology well!

And this advice will help you improve your brand image and gain the trust of potential customers in a non-intrusive way.


5. Book appointments or reservations

Another effective way to use the Chat on your website is so that users can request an appointment or make a reservation through a virtual assistant.

For example, if you are a beautician, you can set up a Web chat so that clients automatically request their next appointment to do their eyebrows or paint their nails.

Or, for example, if you have a hotel and you have a Web page, you can implement a Chatbot that is in charge of making reservations for guest stays.

Thanks to this, you can speed up and facilitate the processes. So you will increase the sales of your company.


6. Make product or service suggestions

A virtual assistant is ready to make sales and even make personalized suggestions to each customer based on their purchases.

For example, if the user buys a t-shirt, you can suggest other clothes with which to complete the Outfit.

For example:

  • “This shirt would look great with these pants”
  • “How do you like these shoes to match that skirt?”

Or directly, make a sale through your Web Chat being able to offer an offer to the client according to their preferences and tastes.

This is an excellent option to get closer to your customers and gain their trust. In addition to increasing the chances of selling more.


7. Activate users

A Web Chat can also help you activate your potential customers.

For example, imagine that the customer has been browsing the Web for several minutes without taking any action. In this case, you can have a virtual assistant ask the user if they have any questions or problems.

This way you will generate links with your clients by showing yourself close to them. Which will translate into future sales.


8. More information about products and services

You can also use Chatbots to offer extended and detailed information to users about your products and services.

Sometimes customers do not make the purchase, since they consider that they have little information about the product they are going to buy. So with this feature, customers will be able to know more about what you are offering and at the same time you will be driving sales.

For example, if the client is taking a Pack of experiences for couples, you can expand the information on what the Pack contains or suggest other similar ones that might interest them.

So customers will know more about your products or services and it will be easier for them to decide when making the purchase.


9. Resolve incidents

Many companies often turn to Chatbots to support users.

Since it is prepared to solve any basic problem or technical incident that the user may have during the time they are browsing the Web. That is, they offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, automatically and without human presence.

For example, they guide users through step-by-step solutions, provide links to helpful resources, or provide information about the client’s products or services.

In this way, you will improve the relationship with your customers, generating trust and increasing the sales of your business.


10. Reduce abandoned carts

This technology is also useful for reducing the percentage of abandoned carts.

You can program it so that when the customer has spent several minutes with products in the basket but has not made any purchase, a message appears in the Chat: “Do you have questions or need help to make the purchase?”

This is quite a useful option to boost purchases and avoid abandoned carts. So you will be able to sell more.

In addition, to help customers with any doubts or problems they may encounter.


11. Exclusive offers and promotions

Another option is to take advantage of the virtual chat to offer exclusive offers and promotions to your customers.

You can implement a promotion of coupons or discount codes that are only available through chat

This is a great way to encourage users to use Chat and increase the chances that they will make a purchase. Therefore, you can increase conversions and sales of your website.


12. Advertising in the chat

Finally, you can also make advertisements within the Chat of your Web.

Make sure that the ads are relevant and fit the theme of your website and the interests of your customers. And above all, do not saturate your customers with too much advertising so that it is not annoying.

A good use of this practice will allow you to find the perfect balance between profitability and user experience. That is, increase the sales of your business, without being too intrusive with your customers.


These are some of the best ways to successfully use Chat on your website, but I’m sure there are many more! Did you know them all? Have you implemented any Chatbot function?

If you have questions or need help to implement a Chat on your website, do not hesitate to contact us! And our team of Marketing specialists will help you with everything you need.


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