Pet Marketing has been a trend for years. And for now, it will remain so for years to come. But, in case you haven’t heard of this technique yet, we’ll explain what it consists of!

What is Pet Marketing?

Pet Marketing is an advertising technique that consists of the use of animals, usually dogs or cats, to carry out advertising actions through digital media.

This technique is effective for emotionally connecting with customers and increasing sales. However, it is a sector that every day has more competition.

Therefore, it is necessary to use all possible marketing resources to stand out from the competition, increase sales and retain your customers.

And one of our favorite Marketing strategies to achieve all this is Lead Nurturing.

Among other reasons, because this technique allows you to generate 50% more qualified Leads for sales, at a cost of 33% less than other Marketing strategies.

In addition, thanks to Lead Nurturing you will be able to:

  • Generate brand awareness.
  • Establish contact at the right time.
  • Increase sales of your pet products.
  • Automatically personalize communications with your customers.
  • Make non-intrusive advertising.
  • Improve the segmentation of your database.
  • Know more and better your customers.

And these are just the main benefits of carrying out a Lead Nurturing strategy, but it has many more!

Therefore, Lead Nurturing has become an essential technique within Inbound Marketing, since it prepares and accompanies Leads throughout the purchase cycle. And this is how it turns them into customers and evangelizers of the brand, with hardly any resources or effort.

But for your Lead Nurturing strategy to be effective, you must adjust it to the objectives and needs of your company’s customers and have a good Call to Action (CTA) or call to action. And offer your customers different high-value content, from general articles to personalized incentives based on their interests.

For this reason, today we want to teach you different CTAs to create a successful Lead Nurturing strategy with which you can increase the sales of your pet products and services company. Keep reading!


7 calls to action to attract pet customers

Hay muchos tipos de llamadas a la acción que puedes utilizar para captar clientes de mascotas, pero hemos seleccionado los ejemplos de CTA’s más efectivos y originales. They will surely inspire you!


1. CTA of guides or courses

It’s just a dog, it’s a dog training store.

On their website they offer different training courses to improve the relationship between dog and owner.


The brand uses Lead Nurturing on its Blog, where it offers free guides with some tips or tricks to train your dog. For example, “How to teach your dog to call” or “How to play with your dog”.

In addition, it also offers a free online basic training course for dogs.


To access the course, clients only have to send their data and time availability.

Both Lead Nurturing actions are very useful for providing valuable content to customers and at the same time getting their data to create long and lasting relationships with them. How about this Lead Nurturing example?

2. Presentation CTA

Animalear is a website with multi-brand pet food.

Ecommerce applies Lead Nurturing in a very original way.

La marca dedica un apartado para presentar a la mascota, donde los clientes pueden registrarse, a lo que realmente es una newsletter, y después presentar a su mascota para conseguir un 5% de descuento en la tienda.


A creative way to get customers to leave their data paying attention to the real protagonists, the pets.

In addition, thanks to this presentation, the brand can know all the details of the pet: if it is a dog or a cat, how much it weighs, its age… And thus communicate with the client in a totally personalized way at the right time and with personalized content. and of interest.


3. Loyalty card CTAs

Tiendanimal is a store with all kinds of products for pets.

On their website they offer a Premium Club with different advantages and exclusive discounts, depending on the points the customer has and the level they are at.

Under the slogan “a special club for those who know about loyalty” they aim to win over and retain pets and owners.


This is another effective way to apply Lead Nurturing to accompany customers throughout their entire life cycle. In addition, to make this technique a kind of game for customers. What do you think of this Lead Nurturing action?


4. CTA of discounts

Sklum is an Ecommerce for decoration and home products, which also offers products for dogs.

Their products such as cribs or Tipis for dogs are a real cutie.

The brand has a Newsletter and offers a 10% discount to customers who register for it.


Discounts are a very recurring Lead Nurturing action, since it is a simple and very effective strategy. Do you agree?


5. CTA of quizzes

Advance is a well-known pet food brand in Spain.

Its website offers a test to find out which food is the most suitable for your pet.


The questions are made on the same website and the result is sent to the client’s email once they leave their information: name, surname and email.

An effective strategy to achieve customer loyalty and send them valuable content, even before they make any purchase.

6. CTA of offers and promotions

Crazy Pet is an Ecommerce for pet products with lots of discounts, gifts and promotions.

The web always has an offer or promotion to sell more and retain its customers. So if you have pets, it is worth being part of their Newsletter to keep up to date with all the news.

call-action-pets 2

Another example that offering discounts and offers to carry out a successful Lead Nurturing strategy really works. What do you think of this Pet Shop?


7. Custom Question CTA

Finally, we show you this Pet Shop in Florida, United States.

The Online store offers a 5-question test to learn more about your pet and be able to offer you its best products.

Once you take the test, the website shows you different products that could be of interest to you, with a special discount.

The customer does not have to leave their data, until the time of purchase.


In addition, Chewy has a section dedicated to adoption and donation for homeless pets.

Where users can give the opportunity to rescue a pet and offer them a home.

An example of a pet store that uses Lead Nurturing to learn more about its customers and provide a positive shopping experience. Doesn’t it seem like a very complete website?




And here is our compilation of Lead Nurturing examples for Pet Shops. And do not forget! If you have a pet products store but don’t know how to make an effective Lead Nurturing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you with everything you need.


Sources: Cyber Click, Marketo, Chewy, Tiendaanimal, Advanced Affinity, Animalear

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