A sector with so many restrictions such as health needs to take advantage of the opportunities in the world of advertising to raise awareness and educate society about the importance of having health and well-being.

For this reason, more and more healthcare brands and companies are launching advertising campaigns with which to surprise, sensitize and excite the audience.

And, although there are many initiatives presented in the different advertising and marketing awards of this 2023, we are going to show you the most awarded health-related campaigns this year. Keep reading!

7 health campaigns that have succeeded this year

Today we have prepared a compilation of the best health campaigns for their ability to raise awareness, education and creativity. They will surely inspire you!

1. “The Last Performance” by Partners Life

Partners Life, a New Zealand life insurance provider, partnered with Special New Zealand to create a hard-hitting campaign promoting death insurance.

For the campaign, they prepared a TV show in which characters killed by a series of murder mysteries came back to life to express their regret for not being insured.

“The Last performance” aims to end the prejudices of life insurance and show the importance of having good insurance.

An innovative and creative campaign that has achieved success at the Cannes Lions festival, winning the “Grand Prix 2023” in the health and wellness category.


2. “DIVERSITREE” by Claritin

Did you know that more male trees are planted than female trees? And that the first ones produce a lot of pollen? And what, in the absence of female trees that absorb it, the substance spreads and aggravates allergic conditions?

From this approach, the brand of allergy medicine Claritin, has created the DiversiTree Project, a project to plant more female trees throughout the United Kingdom.

In addition, the project will provide forest managers with the necessary knowledge and tools to end the adversities of climate change, pests and diseases in forests.

A great initiative that has managed to be awarded gold at the Cannes Lions 2023.

3. “#PERIODSOMNIA” by Bodyform

The brand of pads Bodyform, carried out a study which concluded that women lose five months of sleep throughout their lives due to discomfort, anxiety and fear at night on the days they are on their period.

Based on this insight, the brand created #Periodsomnia, a campaign that aims to raise awareness about these problems that affect millions of women around the world and emphasize that they do not have to feel ashamed about it.

A creative and supportive campaign that has won another of the gold awards at Cannes Lions 2023 for its power of education and awareness.


4.“The cost of beauty” by Dove

“The cost of Beauty” is the name of the campaign launched by Dove with the aim of promoting the acceptance and security of young people in the digital environment.

The brand of personal care products shows in its campaign the concern that parents experience due to the anxiety of young people to meet certain standards to be accepted.

In addition, the initiative is part of the Dove Self-Esteem Project that aims to promote the upcoming 2023 revision of the Children’s Online Safety Act in the United States, to protect children on social networks.

A creative, but above all emotional campaign, which has been awarded at this year’s Cannes Lions awards for its work to end the influence of social networks in the lives of young people.

5. “Anne de Gaulle” by Anne de Gaulle Foundation

The Anne Gaulle Foundation was founded in 1945 by Charles Gaulle in honor of his daughter, Anne Gaulle, to promote the integration of people with mental disabilities.

That is why they created this great initiative in order to increase the notoriety of the foundation and promote the donation of funds.

For the campaign, they changed the name of the airport from Charles Gaulle to Anne Gaulle and used this name on all communication elements, from the facades to the adhesive tapes to identify the luggage.

A simple but highly creative campaign that has managed to strike a chord with viewers, winning “Le Grand Prix for Good” and gold in the health and wellness category at the Cannes Lions.

6. “El apartamento de Daniel” by ViiV Healthcare

Daniel’s apartment is a campaign created that aims to promote and disseminate knowledge in different fields about HIV infection.

Under the slogan #stigmacero, the campaign reflects on whether HIV is really accepted in society, in order to end prejudice against this virus.

The initiative has been a winner with several awards. Among them, the Gold award at Clio Health in the ‘guerrilla’ category, and a gold Asp. A clear example of a successful campaign!

7. “El dolor que no ves” by GSK

“El dolor que no ves” or “The pain you don’t see” is about the invisible and indescribable pain felt by people suffering from herpes zoster.

For this reason, they prepared a performance with Bodypainting in which fictitious patients stood up in the audience to give their testimonies while squirming to the rhythm of the story.

In addition, an advertisement was created to give visibility and make doctors aware of its importance and power to prevent it.

A campaign that has managed to win a Golden Asp for the sensitivity and emotion that it has been able to transmit through the anguish of suffering from the herpes zoster infection.

And so far the best advertising campaigns in the health sector at the moment. What do you think? Which one was your favorite?

If you are part of the health sector and want to create your own advertising campaign, do not hesitate to contact us! And we will make your campaign a success.


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