Did you know that the ROI of Email Marketing campaigns represents 30% of company income?

For this reason, and for other reasons, Email Marketing is one of the preferred digital strategies of many brands. And it will continue to be this 2023!

However, it is important to meet certain requirements for your Email Marketing strategy to be effective. Among them, being up to date with all the trends and news of Email Marketing.

Therefore, whether you are thinking of creating your own Newsletters with a professional Email Marketing platform or hire an agency to help you create a successful Email Marketing campaign. You can’t miss today’s article! In it we explain all the trends of Email Marketing that you should take into account during this year. Keep reading!

7 Email Marketing trends in 2023-2024

Get inspired by this collection of Email Marketing news and trends for the end of 2023 that will surely continue in 2024 and start applying them from now on! This way you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

1. Artificial intelligence

Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.

Therefore, more and more companies are turning to new technologies to improve their Email marketing strategies.

And it is that Artificial Intelligence will bring you many benefits in your email campaigns. For example, auto-segmentation, automatic writing of Copy’s, the possibility of creating images or videos, etc…

In addition, thanks to AI, you can increase revenue by up to 41.3%, CTR by 13.4% and open rate by 7.6%.

We are sure that in 2023 and 2024, we will see more and better examples of Email marketing campaigns based on Artificial Intelligence.


2. Hyper personalization

Email personalization has been important for years. However, hyper personalization will be essential to succeed in 2023 and 2024.

According to a study by Adestra, 82% of companies state that personalization improves the opening rate and 75% that the click rate also does so.

In addition, 58% claim to have increased sales and customer satisfaction thanks to the personalization of Newsletters.

Therefore, it is important that you know your customers to know what content they want to see in your brand’s Emails.

In general, 70% of users expect Emails to be related to previous purchases and interests in general. And a surprising 57% expect a personalized message on their birthday.

But remember! The key to the success of an Email Marketing campaign is that the client trusts you and gives you more information about him organically.



3. User Generated Content

User Generated Content or USG is the order of the day, even in Email Marketing!

Taking into account that 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of family, friends or even other customers when placing an order online, you cannot miss this opportunity to show consumers content created by your own customers.

For example, you can use your social networks to show that there are real people who already buy, use and enjoy your company’s products or services.

In addition, this type of campaign usually helps to increase the Engagement of your Email Marketing campaigns. So this 2023, don’t miss this trend!


4. Mobile First

60% of Email openings are made from a mobile device. In fact, this percentage has not stopped growing, especially among the younger generations.

Also, keep in mind that 62% of users delete an email if it is not optimized for mobile devices.

And it is that subscribers quickly lose patience when they cannot read or view an email well.

For this reason, it is so important that the design of your Email Marketing campaigns is Responsive. In other words, it adapts to any device to optimize and improve the user experience.


5. Marketing Automation

Email automation is nothing new.

In fact, it has been proven that automated Emails increase the effectiveness and sales of your campaigns, improve the relationship with the client and encourage loyalty.

In addition, other trends such as Artificial Intelligence or hyper personalization have accelerated the need to automate Email Marketing.

And it is that these new technologies have helped to collect, analyze data and design and send perfectly optimized personalized emails automatically.

It’s a useful technology for cross-selling, for example.

email.marketing 1

Therefore, if you have not yet started to do so, we encourage you to automate your Email Marketing campaigns to save time and resources.


6. Animated and interactive content

Did you know that animated and interactive content can increase CTR by 300%?

So, if you haven’t started creating interactive or animated Email Marketing campaigns yet, what are you waiting for?!

But keep in mind that less is more! You don’t need an all animated design. Simply by placing a Gif in the right place you can capture the reader’s attention in a few seconds.

Therefore, think carefully about your designs and start making them interactive to increase the Engagement of your Email Marketing campaigns.


7. More data privacy

Users are increasingly aware of the importance of data privacy.

In fact, a recent Norton survey found that more than 80% of users are acting to protect their personal information on the Internet.

In such a digitized world, users expect to connect with brands without the need to feel confronted with thousands of messages that do not respect the privacy and intimacy of customers.

Therefore, if you want to earn the trust of your customers, be transparent and ensure that your Email Marketing campaigns are secure and respect the private information of your subscribers.


These are some of the trends that are going to take the most this 2023 and 2024. Did you know them all? Do you apply any of them in your Email Marketing campaigns?

And if you need help to create a successful Email marketing strategy for your company contact us! and help you with everything you need.


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