As we have already mentioned in other articles, it is essential to have an internal communication strategy to achieve a dedicated team aligned with the values of a company.

However, thinking and devising actions that mobilize and attract employees is not always easy.

Therefore, creativity and imagination are key to creating successful internal communication campaigns due to their effectiveness and efficiency.

So today, we wanted to make a compilation of the most creative, original and fun internal communication campaigns with which you can be inspired. Take notes!


The 6 most creative internal communication campaigns

There are many types of internal communication campaigns, but we have chosen the campaigns that have achieved the most impact and involve workers in the process. Keep reading!

1. Ikea

Ikea is a company that usually stands out, both for its external and internal communication campaigns.

Ikea Spain has an internal magazine where relevant company news is offered while its values and philosophy are transmitted.

The magazine was awarded “The prize for the Best Internal Magazine” in the first edition of the Awards for Best Internal Communication Practices of the Internal Communication and Corporate Identity Observatory.

But it is not the only internal communication award that Ikea has won! In the VIII edition of the Awards for Best Internal Communication Practices, the company won for its “Ikea Chef” project, in which a Masterchef-style contest was held among its workers to increase, in a fun way, their motivation and knowledge about the company.


In 2022, “It’s time to roar” was launched for its annual event to present the main objectives of the Swedish company

An internal communication campaign inspired by the famous Katy Perry song “Roar”.


Several dynamics were prepared for the event. Among them, a choreography in which all the company’s employees participated, including the CEO of IKEA Spain, Nurettin Acar.

In addition, several blocks such as “How to overcome the difficulties” and “It’s all about people” were prepared, in which Sara Andrés, a Paralympic athlete, and Margarita Álvarez were invited as examples of inspiration and motivation.

A real party that has slipped into the Ranking of Ikea’s best internal communication campaigns!

2. Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is another example of a company that invests in creating internal communication campaigns to educate and engage its employees.

On this occasion, the company took advantage of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work to raise awareness among its employees about risk prevention on a day-to-day basis.

The challenge of the campaign was to reduce accidents at work to 0 and to be a “Human First, Safety First” company. To do this, they launched the “1,000 Ways to Prevent” campaign, which aimed to inform and raise awareness about the importance of working safely.

For the campaign, a web-series of 9 chapters was prepared, where daily risk situations that are experienced in the store were humorously represented and explained how the workers should act.

The internal communication campaign was the winner of the 2022 Dircom Ramón del Corral Awards in the Employee Care category.

An original and fun way to make workers aware of the importance of occupational safety!

3. Grupo Gire

Grupo Gire, a financial services company in Argentina, prepared an internal communication strategy for its move to a new workspace.

For the move, this campaign was organized in order to motivate employees to acquire new and better habits before moving. In addition, to make the move a positive experience for all people and feel it as their own process.

The workers were the protagonists and spokespersons throughout the process. A total of 750 employees participated and another 400, who did not physically move, but did collaborate during the course.

Among other actions, the following were carried out: more than 100 pieces dedicated to the project, 10 guided tours with leaders and collaborators and more than 1,150 welcome kits.

Once the move was finished, several surveys were carried out and the result was a success. 80% of the workers were satisfied with the internal communication of the project and more than 85% valued it as a positive experience.

A successful internal communication campaign that knew how to integrate and involve employees perfectly!

4. Pfizer España

The Pfizer company has been committed to the sustainable development goals for years to make the planet a better world.

One of its success stories was in 2020 with its “SDG Week” campaign, which aimed to train and involve its workers and families in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Back then, we were in a pandemic due to Covid-19, so most companies did teleworking.

For this reason, Pfizer organized “Pfizer Families for a more sustainable world” an online event that brought together parents and children to explain how to work at home and as a family according to the challenges of the SDGs.


A day in which key issues such as health and well-being, gender equality, responsible consumption, etc. were discussed.

And it ended with sustainable activities to improve the understanding of the little ones, such as making musical instruments with recycled materials or a cooking workshop to experience what role food plays in health and well-being.

A campaign that showed that Pfizer cares about both the well-being of its workers and the planet!


5. Unilever

The multinational Unilever integrated its workers into the new campaign of its brand Dove #Eligetubelleza.

Upon arriving at the office, the employees were in for a surprise, they had to choose based on how they felt that day: handsome or normal.

A campaign that aimed to take care of the mental health of all people and create a better world where beauty is a source of happiness and not worry.

The Unilever brand has continued to run campaigns that seek to improve people’s health and well-being, as well as care for and protect the environment.

An example of a creative campaign with a very positive message!

6. Consum

One of the most effective internal communication campaigns that has achieved the desired objective is “Gente Influencer” by Consum.

For the campaign, they created a corporate App where the more than 15,000 workers could see company data, access their personal area or connect with other colleagues.

In addition, the company wanted to use all its creativity to promote the App. For this reason, they created “Gente Influencer” an internal contest in which they chose the most active workers on the platform of each center and invited them to a “Gente Consum” event.

The App got more than 10,000 downloads in just 7 days. And an award for the best internal event for more than 500 workers at the Dircom Ramón del Corral Awards. An example of success!


As you have seen, all the mentioned internal communication campaigns are focused on empowering employees, fostering collaboration and promoting company values, in addition to fighting for a better world!

Keep in mind that this is our selection of the best internal communication campaigns for their creativity, but surely there are many more. Did you know any? Which one did you like the most?

If you want to create a super original and different internal communication strategy for your company, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you create it.

Sources: Happy Donia, Comunicare, Linkedin, RRHH Digital, El Publicista.

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